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Berean Bible Institute, Inc.

116 Kettle Moraine Dr. S.   PO Box 587    Slinger, WI 53086   (262) 644-5504


Berean Bible Institute, Inc. admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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Who should consider attending BBI?
BBI can help anyone who has a heartfelt desire and feels God’s calling to devote their life to the ministry to prepare themselves to effectively serve the Lord. BBI accepts both men and women as students.

If I am not planning to be a pastor or missionary, can I still attend BBI?
Yes, although BBI’s main focus is to train individuals for full time ministry, sound Bible training is important to all areas of the Christian life and ministry. So, BBI is open to those wanting to become better grounded in the Word. Our programs would benefit any believer, and are particularly helpful to those who want to be better prepared to serve in their local church.

What are BBI’s standards for enrollment?
BBI will consider all applicants for admission. Students must have a clear testimony of having trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, a sincere desire to know God’s Word, a lifestyle that is separated from the world and honoring to the Lord, and be capable of doing college level work. Those without a high school diploma or its equivalent will be considered on an individual basis.

What are the age requirements for attending BBI?
Applicants for student admission should be seventeen (17) years of age or older (special consideration will be given to 17 year old high school graduates who will turn 18 in their first semester), and have a high school diploma or its equivalent, and be capable of doing college level work. Younger students prior to graduating high school (public, private, or home education) may be granted special permission to be admitted to BBI on a case by case basis. BBI has had students as young as 18 and as old as 77. Currently the ages of BBI students range from 18 to 50, the average being 31.

How many classes per semester may students take?
Students may normally take as many as 17 or as few as 1 credit hours per semester depending on their circumstances and purpose for attending. (Those taking 12 hours or more are considered full-time students. Credit hours refer to the number of class periods typically held each week during a 16-week semester. For example, a 2 credit hour class usually meets for two class periods each week for 16 weeks for a total of 32 hours of classroom instruction). Students wanting to complete the entire 3-year program usually take as many hours as possible each semester.

When can I enroll in the Distance Studies Program?

Individuals can apply and register for Distance Studies Courses at any time.  Distance Studies Courses do not follow the on-campus semester schedule.  When an individual registers for a Distance Studies Course their start date begins when they receive course materials.  The student then has an allotted amount of time to complete the course.  Therefore, Distance Studies Courses can be started at any time throughout the year.

What does it cost to attend BBI?
Tuition at BBI is $85.00 per credit hour. A 2 credit hour class would cost $170.00 (2 hrs. x $85.00 = $170.00; 4 hrs. x $85.00=$340.00; etc.). Tuition per semester for a full-time student taking 15 credit hours would be $1,275.00. However, Berean Bible Institute has established the *BBI Scholarship Fund that is financed by the special gifts of grace believers who have a desire to help our students by making school as affordable as possible. Thanking the Lord for these dear brethren, we are able to help students with their expenses by reducing our tuition by a maximum of 45% for full-time students. This special help has proven to be a real blessing to our students. Besides tuition, there is a one-time registration fee of $25.00 that is paid when application for enrollment is made. Students are also responsible for the cost of their textbooks. *The BBI Scholarship Fund only applies to tuition for students attending On-Campus and the amount of scholarship money available to students for any semester is determined by how much money is in the Scholarship Fund three weeks before that semester begins.

Is there a discount for married couples attending BBI?
Yes, when a husband and wife enroll together, tuition is waived for the spouse taking the fewest credit hours.

Why should I consider attending BBI rather then another Bible school?
As far as we know, BBI is a unique Grace ministry in that it offers a full three-year formal Bible and ministry training program. The Bible is taught dispensationally in light of the distinct message revealed by the Lord to the Apostle Paul for the current Dispensation of Grace (Gal. 1:11-12; Eph. 3:1-11; Col. 1:25-27). BBI has a workable and practical curriculum designed to give our students a solid understanding of “the revelation of the mystery” and its importance in proper Bible interpretation with a balanced approach to ministry and the ability to effectively preach and teach the Word of God. We not only teach the Bible, but we also teach our students how to study the Bible for themselves. All BBI instructors are committed to the Word of God “rightly divided” and have valuable ministry experience. Having a variety of instructors provides balance for BBI’s program.  If you would like to use your life to make a difference for Christ, then BBI is the place for you. If you are not sure of God’s calling on your life, you should consider attending BBI for at least 1 year with the goal of being spiritually enriched and learn how to effectively serve God in whatever direction He leads you in life.

What can I earn at BBI?

A student can earn the following:

How long does it take to earn a degree from Berean Bible Institute?

The usual time it takes to earn a degree at BBI is as follows:

 The Associates in Biblical Foundations may be earned in as little as one year, with the student transferring in 30 accepted General Education Credits and taking 30 credit hours from BBI.

 The Associate in Biblical Studies is a two year degree, equaling 60 credit hours taken form BBI.

 The Bachelor of Ministry degree is a four year degree in which one year consists of 30 General Education credits taken from another institution, and three years, or 96 credit hours, are taken from BBI, totaling 126 credit hours.

*Note: students with previous Bible College or ministry training may be able to transfer some credit to BBI and apply it to a degree.

Is it possible to earn a degree at Berean Bible Institute completely though distance studies?

Yes. The Certificate of Biblical Worldview and Certificate of Dispensational Studies can be earned through BBI’s distance studies program. One can earn the Associates in Biblical Foundations by transferring 30 prescribed general education credits from another acceptable college or institution of higher learning and take 30 credits from Berean Bible Institute via distance studies. A student can also earn a Certificate of Basic Bible Studies by taking 30 credit hours from BBI. All other programs offered by BBI require on campus studies.

Is Berean Bible Institute Accredited?

No, BBI is an independent school of college level adult education that seeks no accreditation from any organization or association. BBI is governed by a board of directors that oversee the goals, integrity, and educational direction of the Institute. Our choice not to pursue accreditation affords us more freedom in the selection of our faculty and instructors, helps to keep our tuition rates low, and allows us to pursue the types of programs that are most beneficial for training individuals for ministry.

Do credits earned at Berean Bible Institute transfer to other colleges or institutions?

Like Berean Bible Institute, other academic institutions exercise the right to either accept or decline degrees or credits, thus BBI makes no guarantee that credits or degrees earned through the Institute will be accepted by other institutions of higher learning. However, because of maintaining a thorough and rigorous program of study, credits from BBI have been accepted by other institutions and colleges in the past on a case by case basis. We recommend students who wish to transfer credits in the future contact other academic institutions they are considering to ensure transferability of BBI credits.

Will Berean Bible Institute accept credits earned at another Bible Institute or Bible College?

Berean Bible Institute retains the right to either accept or decline degrees or credits based on criteria set by BBI. Earned credit hours from other schools will be evaluated from official transcripts.  Students will receive full credit for general education credits or equivalent courses in ministry only if the course content meets the standards of BBI’s program and a grade of “C” or better has been achieved.

How is the ministry of Berean Bible Institute supported?
Berean Bible Institute is an independent faith ministry that has no denominational or organizational backing. Our tuition is kept as low as possible to make BBI affordable so only a fraction of our financial needs are met in this way. For our primary means of monetary support, we are dependent on the gifts of God’s people who stand with us for the truth of His Word rightly divided and desire to make Jesus Christ known “according to the revelation of the mystery.” So, if you agree with what we are doing and believe that understanding the Grace Message is important, we would like to ask you to consider becoming a partner of the ministry of BBI through regular prayer and financial support. Your help would be truly appreciated. There is no wiser investment than to give to the Lord’s work.

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