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Berean Bible Institute, Inc.

116 Kettle Moraine Dr. S.   PO Box 587    Slinger, WI 53086   (262) 644-5504


Berean Bible Institute, Inc. admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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Berean Bible Institute
116 Kettle Moraine Dr. S.

PO Box 587   

Slinger, WI 53086

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Distance Studies courses are designed for those who desire to grow and become more effective in ministry but cannot attend resident courses at Berean Bible Institute.

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By broadening our efforts to include distance studies courses, we can now help men and women across the world train for ministry. Through Berean Bible Institute’s Distance Studies Program you can earn a Certificate of Basic Bible Studies or an Associate of Biblical Foundations Degree.

Comments from DS Students >

Listen to a presentation about the Distance Studies Program with Dr. Nix and Pastor Kern

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Distance Studies Courses Currently Available  (Click on a title to go to its description.)

See the 2016-2017 Handbook for complete details.

Comments from Distance Studies Students

(Used & Edited with permission)

“As I near completion of my first class from the Berean Bible Institute, I have realized how blessed I am to be part of this program. I can honestly say 101 Dispensational Survey has been a real eye-opener not only because of my personal edification, but also because the material is simple, precise, and laid out in such a manner that it has given me the opportunity to help me reach my goal of being proactive in sharing the Scriptures   with others.”                  - D.W. from PA

“Taking this apologetics course has definitely been a blessing in my life! I have learned so much valuable information along the way and my faith has been magnified. This was my first course from the Berean Bible Institute and I chose it because of the course description as a course recommended for students attending secular schools. I’m currently attending …, and I definitely needed some reinforcement to combat all the contrary beliefs I get with my secular education.”                                            - M.M. from OH

“I have grown so much through this course; I have learned so much, not only through the books, but through the ultimate book which is the Word of God. This course has also taught me the dispensations of Scripture, and I have learned how I can defend the faith from a dispensational stand point. I have grown stronger in my knowledge of the Word of God, rightly divided.”          - J.M. from MI

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When making a request, please include your full name and mailing address.

101 Dispensational Survey

102 Apologetics

103 Bible Exposition I

104 Bible Exposition II

105 Basic Bible Doctrines I

106 Basic Bible Doctrines II

107 Personal Evangelism & Follow Up

108 Romans

109 Dispensational Hermeneutics

110 Acts

111 Study Skills & Personal Finanace

112 Cults

113 English

115 Public Speaking

116 Biblical Worldview

203 Bible Exposition III

204 Bible Exposition IV

207 The Major Prophets

208 The Minor Prophets

211 Bible Counseling I

212 Church History

213 Manners & Customs of the Bible

312 Ephesians, Philippians & Colossians

322 The Life of Christ

1005 Women in Ministry I

1006 Women in Ministry II

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