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Berean Bible Institute, Inc.

116 Kettle Moraine Dr. S.   PO Box 587    Slinger, WI 53086   (262) 644-5504


Berean Bible Institute, Inc. admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

 logo text Audio Archives

A Lesson From Habakkuk 6-13-2012 Dr. Robert Nix

Building The Body 3-9-2012 Pastor Dan Wolgast

Building Up The Body of Christ 5-1-2013 Dr. W. Edward Bedore

Communicating the Gospel 4-27-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

Faith, Love, & Hope 4-20-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

Fire in Our Life 5-25-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

From Death to Life 5-18-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

Grace Teaches Us 1-19-2012 Dr. W. Edward Bedore

Growing Up In Christ 7-27-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

Hope 8-3-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

How to Encourage Others 5-4-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

How’s Your Walk? 4-13-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

Living Out Christ 3-1-2013 Dr. W. Edward Bedore

Looking Forward to Heaven 1-16-2013 Dr. Robert Nix

Making Ready 2-9-2012 Pastor Dan Wolgast

Maturity 2-29-2012 Pastor Dan Wolgast

Not Ashamed of Christ 1-29-2012 Dr. W. Edward Bedore

Peace With God 12-14-2011 Dr. W. Edward Bedore

Praising God in the Storm 4-5-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

Prayer 2-24-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

Principles of Blessing 7-20-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

Producing Fruit 5-11-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

Psalms 3-8-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

The Consequences of the Lie 11-30-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

The Greatest Gift of All 12-19-2012 Dr. Robert Nix

The Heart 3-15-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

The Love of Christ 12-21-2011 Dr. W. Edward Bedore

The Resurrection of Christ 6-1-2013 Dr. W. Edward Bedore

Timothy’s Example 6-18-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

Today and Tomorrow 12-7-2011 Dr. W. Edward Bedore

To Live Is Christ 5-1-2012 Dr. Robert Nix

True Knowledge 2-23-2012 Pastor Dan Wolgast

Unity vs. Uniformity 2-15-2012 Pastor Dan Wolgast

What’s Anointing? 3-22-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

When I Am Weak 11-23-2011 Pastor Andy Kern

Will Heaven be Boring? 2-14-2013 Dr. Robert Nix

Worshipping God 4-1-2013 Dr. W. Edward Bedore

Click here for the latest audio devotion.           See  the interviews & conferences page  for more audio messages.

Series from Ephesians

Humility 6-15-2011 Pastor Dan Wolgast

Grace 6-29-2011 Pastor Dan Wolgast

Church Leadership 7-12-2011 Pastor Dan Wolgast

Not Ashamed Series

Not Ashamed 8-24-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

Not Ashamed in Sharing Your Testimony 8-31-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

The Power of Prayer in Witnessing 9-14-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

No Compromise Series

No Compromise - No Doubt 10-26-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

No Compromise - No Regrets 11-2-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

No Compromise - No Excuses 11-9-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

No Compromise - No Fear 11-16-2011 Dr. Robert Nix

Why We Believe Series

Why We Believe the Bible 7-26-2012 Pastor Andy Kern

Why We Believe Christ 8-2-2012 Pastor Andy Kern

Why We Believe in God 8-9-2012 Pastor Andy Kern

Why We Believe in Grace 8-16-2012 Pastor Andy Kern



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